How long do investments take to complete? (HK)

For investments confirmed before 11AM on a valid business day, we will endeavour to process for execution on the same business day. You can assume that the investment has taken place at the Fund's Net Asset Value ('trading price') of that day*. 

The final investment price, units, and trade date will be confirmed while settlement will take 1-3 more business days to complete.

*Please note that there are funds that are an exception to this (listed in the Exceptions section below) and the trading price will be locked in after an additional day (T+1). 


The following 2 funds will require an additional day for processing:

  1. IE00BYQX7S71 (PI only) - Neuberger Berman China Bond (I USD Acc)
  2. HK0000720810 - Ping An of China Select Investment Fund Series - Ping An Money Market Fund (I USD Acc)


Valid Business Day

Your investments are executed on a best-effort basis on a valid business day, which excludes Hong Kong public holidays and Fund Holidays (as declared by the individual Fund Managers).

Please note that the cut-off time for setting up investments may be earlier than 11AM if a valid business day falls on the eve of a public holiday.


Price of investment transaction

Unit trusts or mutual funds work on a 'forward pricing' basis. A unit trust only has one Net Asset Value (NAV) or 'trading price' per trading day. Generally, a Fund's trading price is calculated at the end of each trading day based on the closing market prices of the Fund’s securities. As the trading price is only known at the end of the trading day, you would not know the exact purchase price at the point of confirming the investment order.

When an investment transaction is reflected as "Completed", you can check the purchase price of each investment by following these steps: Go to the Activity page > Click on a transaction and the transaction details will be displayed. 


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