How do I sell and withdraw my investments? (HK)

You may redeem by following steps below : Go to Invest | Redeem | Transfer > Select Redeem. Note that if you choose to redeem 97% or more of the investment value of your goal, we will fully redeem your goal to guarantee execution integrity. 

Transfer of redemption proceeds

You can choose to transfer the redemption proceeds to the Cash Balance of your Endowus account or linked bank account.

Actual redemption amount

The actual redemption amount that you receive may differ from your input amount. When you confirm a redemption order, our system will calculate the number of units to redeem based on the latest available Net Asset Value (NAV), or 'trading price', at the time of the redemption request*.

Example of a redemption: You confirm a $3,000 redemption order prior to cut-off on 2 July (a valid business day) for Fund X. If Fund X's latest NAV is $10 as of  1 July, our system will calculate that we should redeem 300 units of Fund X. The order is executed on the same business day (2 July), where the closing NAV of Fund X is $11 (all redemptions will be executed at the same NAV on that day). As a result, you will receive $3300 (300 units x $11 NAV) in redemption proceeds.

*Please note that there are funds that are an exception to this (listed in the Exceptions section below) and the trading price will be locked in after an additional day (T+1). 


The following 2 funds will require an additional day for processing:

  1. IE00BYQX7S71 (PI only) - Neuberger Berman China Bond (I USD Acc)
  2. HK0000720810 - Ping An of China Select Investment Fund Series - Ping An Money Market Fund (I USD Acc)

Full redemption

If you fully redeem a portfolio before the end of a calendar quarter, we will only charge the Endowus Fee on a pro-rata basis of your daily average investment value. This Endowus Fee will be charged immediately at point of full redemption instead of at the end of the quarter.

If we are processing the quarterly Endowus Fee charge, then you can only make a partial redemption request of up to 90% of your redeemable value until the charge is completed.

Step-by-step video guide

How to Make a Redemption

Withdrawal fees

Endowus does not charge any withdrawal fee for HKD/CNY withdrawals to local banks. For withdrawals in other currencies or made to overseas banks, there will be a remittance fee of HKD 40 plus cable/agent/bank charges. You may read more about withdrawal fees here.

Step-by-step video guide

How to Withdraw Cash from Your Account

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