What are the fees for deposit and withdrawals? (HK)


Endowus does not charge any fees for making deposits into your Endowus account, however you may incur bank charges for non-HKD or non-CNY transfers. We suggest checking with your bank first to ensure the full intended transfer amount is received at Endowus. 

You may refer to this page for the instructions to deposit money into your Endowus account. Please note that rejected deposits will incur a rejection fee of HKD 250 and may take up to 2 months of processing time for the funds to be returned to the remitter’s bank account.

Reasons for rejected transfers could include transfers being made from a non-linked bank account that is not on Endowus’ records or third-party account that does not match with the client's name.



Endowus does not apply any withdrawal fees; however, it is important to note that your bank may impose charges for receiving money. We advise you to confirm the exact fees with your bank for accurate information.

  1. Withdrawals via FPS or local bank transfer in HKD

There are no fees for HKD withdrawals from your Endowus account to local banks made via FPS or local bank transfer

  1. Incoming RTGS transfer fee

In the event that you withdraw more than HK$1,000,000 in HKD, your bank might impose fees for RTGS transfers. 

The fees for RTGS transfers differ among banks. Certain banks (such as HSBC and Bank of China) may waive the fee, while others (like SCB and DBS) may charge anywhere between HKD5 and HKD15.

For USD and EUR, the method of transfer (RTGS or TT) depends on the creditor banks, and additional charges may apply.

  1. Incoming telegraphic transfer fee 

When making withdrawals to an overseas bank account, you will encounter overseas remittance fees amounting to HKD 40, in addition to cable/agent charges. For withdrawals in USD or EUR, whether domestic or international, a remittance fee of HKD 40 will apply, along with any charges imposed by the creditor bank.

  1. Less ideal exchange rate

Ensure to verify that your linked bank account supports the currency you wish to withdraw. Otherwise, your bank might convert the currency at a less favourable exchange rate.

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