How do I choose the right funds for Fund Smart? (HK)

Fund Smart is a list of Best-in-Class funds, curated by our Investment Office team, across asset classes, geographies and sectors, who has conducted due diligence on thousands of funds. Endowus will try to provide access to the cheapest share class possible for our clients.

When you invest on Fund Smart, you should strategically consider geographies, sectors, themes or asset classes you want to have additional exposure to to better complement and diversify your existing investments, or meet your specific needs. 

You can also compare your existing fund holdings to what is available on the Endowus Fund Smart platform - it is possible that you can invest in the same fund(s) but at lower cost, or you may find a better alternative to replace your current investment.

If you need a little help, please schedule a call with one of our licensed client advisors here.

Step-by-step video guide:

How to Find and Use Our Investment Funds List

How to Compare Funds

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