How can I do currency conversions? (HK)

How can I do currency conversions

You may do currency conversions in your Endowus account by following the steps below: 

  1. Log into your Endowus account and go to Invest | Redeem
  2. Select Convert Currency
  3. Select the currency you would like to convert from and input the amount, then select the currency you would like to convert into
  4. An indicative rate will be shown. Please note that the indicative exchange rate is for reference only and may differ from the final executed rate due to market movements. The rate is not fixed until the conversion transaction is completed. 
  5. Confirm your FX conversion via SMS OTP. 

The converted currency money should be made available for investing in one to two business days. You will receive an email notification when the FX transaction is completed. If you have not received the notification and do not see the converted currency money in your account after two days, please contact 

Please note: Endowus is not a foreign currency exchange company. Endowus does not take any spread or earn from the bid-ask spread from these FX transactions. Currency conversions are meant to be used for investments. 

Each client is limited to a maximum of 3 conversion transactions a day, with a limit of USD 4.8 million or equivalent per transaction.

How long would it take for my currency conversions to complete?

If a currency conversion is submitted before the cutoff time on a business day, it will be completed within the day. If the transaction is submitted after cut off time, on a non-business day, or on currency holidays, it will be completed on the next business day.

 Please note: 

  • For each currency pair (regardless of direction), the earlier of the two cut-off times would apply.
  • Currency holidays are days in which there is no settlement of prior currency conversion transactions regardless of direction.

Cut off time (on Hong Kong business days)

Currency  Cut Off Time (HKT)
HKD 17:00
USD 17:30


Currency holidays in 2023

Endowus obtains this information from third-party distributors and cannot ensure the accuracy or entirety of the information.

Jan 2, 23,24,25 2, 16, 23, 24
Feb - 20
Mar - -
Apr 5, 7, 8, 10 7
May 1, 26 1, 29
Jun 22 2,19,29
Jul 1 4
Aug - 9
Sep 30 4
Oct 2, 23 9
Nov   13, 23
Dec 25, 26 25


Example of settlement day determination

  • Assume that currency conversion is from USD to HKD on 7th of Apr. Since it’s US holiday, the conversion is supposed to be settled on 8th Apr. However, 8th 9th 10th Apr are also currency holidays in Hong Kong, the conversion is only settled on 11th Apr
  • Assume that currency conversion is from USD to HKD on 4th July. Since it’s US holiday, the conversion is only settled on 5th July

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