Should I pick my own funds or use the Endowus model portfolios? (HK)

Our Investment Office has designed the asset allocation, selected the funds, and optimised the fund allocation of our Endowus model portfolios. 

The Endowus Global model portfolios are globally diversified and optimised for each level of risk (6 for you to select from).  We believe that they should form the core allocation of your investment portfolio for the long-term. 

We advise using satellite portfolios as a way to complement your existing core investments. If there is additional exposure to certain asset classes, geographies, sectors, themes or factors, outside of our satellite portfolios, you can also select to subscribe for additional thematic funds or DIY portfolios via Fund Smart. 

If you are holding certain funds on other platforms, you can also choose to replicate this exposure on Fund Smart. It is likely that by getting access to institutional share classes and/or receiving 100% trailer fee rebates from the same funds, you will be able to lower your investment cost significantly.

We also have a suite of three IncomeUp model portfolios designed to meet your real-world needs for different types of passive income. Whether you prefer stable payouts, higher payouts, or higher capital appreciation, we balance higher-yielding assets and higher-quality assets to meet your unique income and wealth accumulation needs.

The Endowus CashUp model portfolios consist mainly of money market funds (MMFs) and/or short-duration fixed-income funds (unit trusts). They are designed to deliver relatively stable returns as compared to other fixed-income portfolios of longer durations and maturities. Nevertheless, there are risks in investing in these portfolios, and they are not capital-guaranteed.

We recognise that everyone is different and will have varying needs, personal circumstances, goals, and views that may require different levels of customisation.

Therefore, one option is to use the Endowus model portfolios as a base; you can easily tweak the allocations to your liking. 

Alternatively, on the Fund Smart platform, you can also choose to build your own multi-fund portfolios from scratch, using the Best-in-Class funds curated by the Endowus Investment Office.

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