How do I qualify as a Professional Investor? (HK)

During onboarding, if you fulfil the conditions set out below, you may choose to be deemed as a Professional Investor. While the Endowus Fee is the same for both Retail and Professional Investors, there is a broader range of financial products available for Professional Investors, including alternative investments such as private equity funds, private credit funds and hedge funds.

How do I qualify as a Professional Investor?

As an individual, you can qualify as a Professional Investor, if you have a portfolio of at least  HK$ 8 million (or equivalent in other currencies).

'Portfolio' means a portfolio comprising any of the following:

  • Securities based on market value (including stocks, bonds, unit trusts, equity-linked investment and more) 
  • Certificates of Deposits (CDs)
  • Cash or cash equivalent deposits

It does not include:

  • Real estate
  • Insurance policy

Please upload documents such as:

  • One or more statements of accounts issued by a bank or brokerage firm (either in your name or with your spouse or your children on a joint account basis)
  • A certificate issued by an auditor or certified public accountant
  • A public filing submitted by or on behalf of the individual

For assets held under a joint account:

  • If the joint account holder is your spouse, please provide a marriage certificate as proof of your relationship. For accounts held with a spouse, it is considered that you hold 100% of the jointly held assets.
  • If the joint account holds are not your spouse, we will deem that you hold an equal share of the jointly held assets, unless you provide a written agreement between the joint account holders specifying your individual share.

This portfolio may be held under your name, or via an investment holding corporation which is wholly owned by you.

Please note: pursuant to the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong, you are required to provide such supporting documents on an annual basis to renew your Professional Investor status.

Trusts, Corporations and Partnerships

Trust corporations that have been entrusted under the trust or trusts of which it acts as a trustee can qualify with total assets of not less than HK$40 million (or its equivalent in a foreign currency)

Corporations or partnerships can qualify with a portfolio of at least HK$ 8 million or total assets of at least $40 million HKD (or its equivalent in a foreign currency)

How do I apply to become a Professional Investor?

You may opt-in by filling out the PI opt-in form here or by contacting with the relevant supporting documents.For corporate clients, please contact us via


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