How is Endowus different from a brokerage or a unit trust platform? (HK)

Carefully hand-picked funds

Endowus Fund Smart curates a selection of funds for you based on our Best-in-Class approach, unlike other platforms that may offer all available funds and ETFs in the investment universe. To ensure that you get access to the Best-in-Class funds available for an asset class, geographical region or sector, Endowus has done the hard work of screening out most funds from the tens of thousands out there. We also continue to monitor and track the performance of the funds on our platform to ensure they continue to meet our high thresholds and that we are updated on all of their developments.


Lower, fairer cost

Endowus Fund Smart provides access to institutional shares class funds where available - these have traditionally only been available to the largest investors such as insurance and pension funds and are typically significantly cheaper than retail share class funds.

Otherwise, we will use retail share class funds and Endowus will give a 100% Cashback on trailer fees, so that the all-in cost for investing in these funds will be significantly lowered. Our transparent and attractive pricing model has no transaction charges or hidden fees. Read more about pricing here.

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