How do I set up recurring investments? (HK)

Step 1: Set up a monthly-recurring fund transfer instruction with your bank account to transfer money to your Endowus account. 

Step 2: Set up the monthly-recurring investment instruction for a goal in your Endowus Account.

Once your monthly deposit is reflected in your Endowus account, our system will direct the money to fund your monthly-recurring cash investment order.

Monthly-recurring investment instruction can be set up when creating a new goal, or it can be set up for an existing goal.


To set up a monthly-recurring cash investment instruction for an existing goal on Endowus web app, please follow the steps below:

  1. Select your existing Goal on the left hand panel then click Set up under Recurring investments.Screenshot_2023-03-01_at_6.19.02_PM.png
  2. Fill in your monthly investment amount and which day of the month you want your investment order to be created.
  3. Click Send Verification Code and enter the OTP sent to your phone to confirm your monthly-recurring investment instruction.

Please note your recurring investment for the month will be automatically cancelled if it remains unfunded for 7 days. The recurring investment will continue to be created for the following months.

Step-by-step video guide: 

How to Create a Recurring Investment

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