How do I troubleshoot issues with SMS One-Time Password (OTP)? (HK)

If you are unable to receive a SMS OTP, please try the following ways to troubleshoot the issue:

  1. Log out and re-login of your Endowus account
  2. Troubleshoot common issues with mobile device:
    • Restart the mobile device 
    • Check that Airplane mode is disabled
    • Check that the network connection has sufficient signal and that you are able to receive SMS from another mobile number
    • Check your junk/spam messages (please search for 'How do I find junk or spam message' based on your phone's model and operating system)
    • Check your blocked numbers (please search for 'How do I turn off the SMS' based on your phone's model and operating system)

If the above troubleshoot methods do not work, please email us at or send a WhatsApp message to +852 3018 8978 with the following information:

  1. The troubleshooting methods that have been tried
  2. Action that you want to take in your Endowus account (e.g. confirm an investment order for Goal XYZ)

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