How do I close my account? (HK)

If you have no investments in your Endowus account and $0.00 in your Uninvested Cash Balance, you can reach out to to close your Endowus account.

Before closing your Endowus account, please ensure the following:  

  1. All the investment portfolios are fully withdrawn from your Endowus account. Please refer here for the steps to redeem and withdraw your investments. 
  2. Uninvested Cash Balance is $0.00. To withdraw cash from your Uninvested Cash Balance to your linked bank account: Log in to your Endowus account via a web browser > Go to Invest | Redeem > Select Withdraw cash and follow the instructions on the screen. 

Please note that once we close your account, you would not be able to create a new account again with your initial user email address in the future.

There is no account maintenance fee and you can choose to keep your Endowus account open for free even if there are no investments or cash balance inside.

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