What are the funds I can buy based on my risk profile? (HK)

As part of onboarding, you would have completed your risk assessment to ascertain your risk profile:

Conservative Level 1
Moderately Conservative Level 2
Moderate Level 3
Moderate Growth Level 4
Growth Level 5
Aggressive Level 6


Read more about what different risk profiles mean here.

Please note that your risk profile is valid for 12 months from the date of last completion of your risk assessment. As  circumstances may change over time, you can always retake the assessment in future to ensure that your risk profile stays up-to-date.

What funds can I buy based on my risk profile?

Your risk profile is part of our holistic risk assessment framework that will be used to determine funds and products that are suitable for you. 

The below factors are taken into account on top of your risk profile to determine suitability of your investments:

As your wealth advisor, Endowus’ goal is to facilitate and advise our clients to create investment goals and plans that are suitable for them. Based on the results of our holistic risk assessment framework, if the investment you have chosen is considered not suitable for you, we will not permit such transactions to go through*.

*Unless it is an execution-only transaction of non-complex product. 

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