What fees do I have to pay for Endowus CashUp model portfolios? (HK)

Fund-Level Fee (or Total Expense Ratio): paid to the Fund Managers. This is already accounted for in the NAV of the Fund. Endowus clients will get Cashback on the trailer fee component of the fund-level fee back where this is charged. Please refer to https://endowus.com/en-hk/model-portfolios/cash-management for the latest fund-level fee of each Endowus CashUp model portfolio. 

0.10% Endowus Fee (per anum): An access fee paid to Endowus, which includes portfolio creation and unlimited transactions on the Endowus platform. 

The Endowus Fee is charged on a quarterly basis. For every calendar quarter (i.e. Jan - March), we will calculate the daily average investment value of your Endowus CashUp investment and charge 0.025% as fees (which adds up to 0.05% in a year). For example, if your Endowus CashUp portfolio has an average value of US$10,000 in a year, Endowus will transparently make US$10 per year from you (the price of two cups of coffee). 

Endowus has no upfront subscription fees, and we give 100% Cashback on trailer fees. Unlike other platforms, we do not collect trailer fees from fund managers. We are only paid by you, the clients we serve. 

Please read here for more information about how the Endowus Fee is charged and paid for.

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