How much do I have to pay in fees? (HK)

When you make an investment, you only pay two types of fees: 1) the Endowus Fee and 2) fund fees (charged by our fund manager partners). There is no upfront sales charge or other transactional fees. 

As an independent fee-only wealth advisor, Endowus is paid only by our clients to ensure that we are always aligned with your best interests. The only fee we charge is an all-in Endowus Fee, which is based on the value of assets you hold with Endowus, also known as Assets Under Advice (AUA). 

For the Fund Smart platform, this fee depends on the types of funds and your investment amount (see below). 

The Endowus fee is charged quarterly on a pro-rata basis of the daily average investment value of your investments.

Fund fees (or Total Expense Ratio) are paid to the Fund Managers. This is already accounted for in the Net Asset Value (NAV) of the Fund. If you are investing in a retail share class fund, Endowus clients will get 100% Cashback on trailer fees, which is a component of the fund fees.

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