What is the Endowus Fee? How is it calculated and paid for? (HK)

What is the Endowus Fee?

The Endowus Fee is an all-in fee that Endowus charges you for all of our services - i.e. investment advice, portfolio creation and rebalancing, brokerage, and transfers. 

For information on deposit and withdrawal fees please refer to this page.


How is the Endowus Fee calculated?

The Endowus Fee is charged on a quarterly basis. For every calendar quarter (e.g. Jan - March), we will calculate the daily average investment value of your investments and charge a percentage as fees (depending on your goal type).

Note that you will only be charged fees for the days in the quarter that you are invested, please refer to here for more information on fees.


How is the Endowus Fee paid for?

If you have an available cash balance in the respective currency of the fee charge in your Endowus account, we will use it to pay for the Endowus Fee.

For the remaining payable Endowus Fee, we will charge it by redeeming from your investment holdings, so that it can be paid seamlessly.


How is the Endowus Fee charged during a full redemption?

If you make a full redemption of all your investments in a goal before the end of a calendar quarter, we will only charge the Endowus Fee on a pro-rata basis of your daily average investment value of that goal. This Endowus Fee will be charged immediately at point of full redemption instead of at the end of the quarter.


When will the Endowus Fee be deducted from my account?

The Endowus Fee is usually charged within 10 business days after the end of each calendar quarter.


Where do I find the total fees paid to Endowus in respect of my account?

Log in to your Endowus account > Go to Activity & Balances


Am I still charged the annual Endowus Fee even if I haven't used the Endowus platform for the whole year?

Absolutely not - the Endowus fee is charged quarterly and only on a pro-rata basis of the daily average investment value of your investments.




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