What is the cost of Endowus versus popular fund platforms? (HK)

It is more transparent, and in most cases much lower cost, to invest and grow your wealth with Endowus than it would be to replicate your portfolio and similar services at a private bank, online "low cost, no fee" platform, or retail bank.

Endowus rebates 100% of trailer fees, and gives access to the institutional share class of funds, which typically are half the cost of a retail share class of the same fund. 

For example, when you buy the Fidelity Global Dividend Fund at a private bank or broker, you may be sold the retail share class, which has a total expense ratio of 1.88%, plus upfront sales charges  (typically 1-3%), plus additional custodian fees and advisory fees. This means that you may have a total cost of ownership in the first year of over 4%.

With Endowus, we access the institutional share class of the same fund, which has a total expense ratio of 1.03%, no sales fees, no transaction fees. For example, for an investment amount under HKD 20 million, the Endowus Fee is 0.40% per annum, meaning that the total cost is 1.43% per annum. Read here for more details on Endowus Fees.


Note: This chart is for illustrative purposes only, under no circumstances should any information in this chart be used or construed as an offer or a solicitation to buy or sell any investment products or to adopt any investment strategy.

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